Driving for a better climate

We’re planting a forest in Uganda. Join us!

The Anco Forest is part of our mission to make road transportation eco-friendlier by carbon offsetting. Follow the forest and join our project here!

Number of trees planted

Carbon offsetting the community way:
How it works

Every year we donate 5% of our profits to enhance our green transition. A big part of the donation is spent on planting a forest in Uganda.

In just 20 years, each tree can absorb up to 3 tonnes of CO2 – offsetting 20% of our current carbon emissions.

Our customers can choose to pay a green surcharge, helping us reach carbon neutrality even faster.

The trees are planted and looked after by the local community in Uganda. After 20 years the trees belong to them.


Carbon calculator

Try out the calculator below to see how a small contribution from you, can make a big difference to our planet. Calculate by how many
transports you book at Ancotrans. Just enter below and see how little it costs to offset the carbon emissions the transports produce.

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* Green surcharge per country differs as we have based the green surcharge on the average length of the transports in each market

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Let’s do more for our planet. Together we can drive towards a greener future.

The calculator is based on an average distance for our transports in our local markets
and a fixed exchange rate. Read more about the calculation here for full transparency. Click here

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By choosing to add a small green surcharge to your trucking, you are helping us plant even more trees. Let’s create the greenest supply chain possible.

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A win-win forest
Because, they grow big, fast

Climate action and community development – the Danish nonprofit organisation TROFACO has found a way to combine the two. To make it work, they have struck a deal with the Kabaka (the king) of Buganda.

The 800-year old kingdom of Buganda is the largest of the states that make up Uganda. It’s an ideal site for the Anco Forest because trees grow tall quickly. TROFACO delivers the trees and hires locals to plant and look after them. And thanks to the pledge of the Kabaka, no one touches them.

However, if a royal guarantee is not enough for your company’s compliance department, TROFACO also provides documentation via GPS tracking.

After 20 years, each tree will have absorbed around three tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, and the ownership of all the trees will have been transferred to the local community. As a result, locals will be able to profit from the forest. Any trees cut down will be replanted, but most of the trees should be standing much longer than the 20-year minimum simply because the taller they grow the more valuable they become.

You can read more about the Anco Forest and track its progress via GPS on the TROFACO website.

“In the coming years, the Anco Forest will grow big enough to offer a significant positive climate impact. In fact, the forest will be visible from outer space.”

- Steffen Johnsen, CEO, TROFACO

Driving for a better climate – The Ancotrans pledge

The world is going greener. And the trucking business is following suit. At Ancotrans we want to lead the way. So we have set ourselves some ambitious goals – an effort we call, Driving for a better climate.

Two goals, one promise


We want to reduce our carbon footprint by 25% in 2030, compared to our 2018 emissions.


Our ultimate goal is to become completely carbon neutral.


We donate 5% of our company profits to enhance our green transition every year (Up to DKK 1 million). A big part of the donation is spent on planting a forest in Uganda.

Any questions?

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How do you calculate the impact of the forest on the climate?


Here’s the short answer: First, TROFACO measures the height of the trees, calculates the amount of carbon stored in each tree, and uses the information to estimate the total amount of CO2 captured by that particular planting site.

However, the math is a good deal trickier than that. You can get the full story here (pdf).


TROFACO is a Danish non-profit organisation that helps local communities in Asia and Africa plant forests. Learn more here.


Yes, you can. TROFACO tracks the trees with GPS and provides thorough documentation on their website, where you can also find tax reports, legal documentation and development reports.

You can get the documentation here.


It’s a fair question. The political stability of some African countries can fluctuate more frequently that we are used to in the western world.

However, the Anco Forest is planted in The Kingdom of Buganda which has existed for 800 years. Of the number of states that make up Uganda, Buganda is the biggest. TROFACO works directly with Buganda, and its decisions are respected by the central government of Uganda.

The region is relatively stable, and even in times of political unrest, the region’s forests have remained largely unaffected.


They will most likely be left standing. The ownership of the trees goes to the local community which is free to cut them down for profit. But the taller the trees grow, the more valuable they become, so it makes sense to let them grow (many trees are fruit trees). If some of them are cut down the trees will be used for timber, buildings, furniture and will still restore CO2.

In any case, according to TROFACO’s deal with the CIDI (Community Integrated Development Initiative), the Ugandan organisation involved in the project, all trees must be replanted.

You can learn more about the CIDI here.


TROFACO is responsible for buying the trees and planting them. They work with the Ugandan organisation CIDI, which employs locals to plant and look after the trees.

You can learn more about the CIDI here.


Each tree absorbs a minimum of three tonnes of CO2 during its first 20 years. But most trees will be standing longer than that.

For greener trucking

To make a real difference, we are working hard to reduce emissions from our operations.

Smarter hauls

Our fleet is fitted with separable and link chassis. This allows one truck to haul up to three containers, considerably reducing the CO2 emissions per trailer.

By reloading and reusing containers whenever it’s possible and sensible, we reduce the number of empty kilometres and the emissions caused by the machines which handle the containers in depots and terminals.

Green drivers, green gear

All our drivers attend new ECO driving courses every year.

Using a tire sealant called “Ultraseal”, not only do we secure constant tire pressure and maximise the tire longevity, but we also minimise the environmental impact of our tires.

All our trucks are equipped with Stop & Go systems and are limited to a maximum speed of 85 km/h.

ANCO Forest 2021 update

22.836 trees in the ANCO forest by now – Approx. 25% offsetting of your transports upfront.

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