Working for a Better Climate

One container transport at a time

We’re planting forests! The Anco Forests in Uganda and Denmark are a part of a bigger vision to make container transport sustainable. Join us for the ride and read more about our green efforts and forests here.

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A Strategy for Sustainability

Striving for a reduced impact on our planet is not only our ambition for the future – it’s a central part of the Ancotrans values and strategy. That’s why, for 2040, we aim to be 100% carbon neutral, and to achieve this goal, we’re using all the tools at our disposal.

In addition to offering our customers a green surcharge for carbon offsetting by planting trees in Uganda, in 2022 we also sponsored our very own, new forest in Denmark. But there’s more! We’re also increasingly focusing on and investing in sustainable initiatives that will reduce, not just offset, our carbon emissions and bring us closer to our 2040 vision.


Try the Carbon Calculator

Use the calculator below to see an estimate how a small contribution from you can make a big difference to our planet. Calculate by first choosing your country and then typing in how many times you book transports with Ancotrans. You can then see how little it will cost you to offset your carbon footprint.

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Carbon offsetting the community way:
How it works

Customers can choose to pay a green surcharge for carbon offsetting, thereby helping our container transports reach carbon neutrality even faster.

Each tree planted in Uganda can absorb up to 3 tonnes of CO2 in just 20 years – offsetting 43% of our 2022 carbon emissions.

The trees planted in our Ugandan Anco Forest are looked after by the local community, who will take over the ownership after 20 years.

Clearing out the Carbon

Help completely offset your container transport’s carbon footprint with our climate-compensated transportation option. This green surcharge reflects the exact cost it would take to offset the CO2 emitted by each kilometre of transport by planting trees in our Ugandan Anco Forest. Giving you a cost-effective option to clean up container transportation.

The forest in Uganda has and will continue to offset tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, as each tree will absorb a minimum of 3 tonnes of carbon over a 20-year period. Bringing down our total emissions to 0.43 kg/km in 2022 and helping us take a massive step towards a carbon-neutral future.

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Climate Action and Community Development

The Ugandan Anco Forest is ideally located in the 800-year-old kingdom of Buganda, the largest of the states that make up Uganda. Here the trees grow tall very quickly due to favourable weather conditions, and they also provide both jobs and development opportunities for the local community.

The Danish non-profit organisation TROFACO is in charge of delivering the trees and employing locals to plant and look after them, but after 20 years the ownership of all the trees will be transferred to the local community. As a result, locals will be able to profit from the forest and any trees cut down will be replanted. However, most of the trees should be standing much longer than the 20-year minimum – simply because the taller they grow, the more valuable they become.

You can find documentation for the Ugandan Anco Forest and track its progress via GPS on the TROFACO website.

Great, Green Results on
the Road to CO2 Neutrality

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Certify your climate compensated transports

Make your commitment to more eco-friendly transport options official. At the end of every calendar year, we will pull data detailing your commitment to the Anco offsetting project in Uganda, creating a personalized certificate for your business. On it, you can see the number of climate compensated transports you have booked, how many trees your efforts have planted, and the amount of CO2 you offset.

Looking for Better Transport Options?

Let’s do more for our planet. Let’s create a more sustainable supply chain together.

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Two Simple Goals
with a Big Impact


We want to reduce our carbon footprint by 5% in 2026 compared to our 2023 emissions.


Our ultimate goal is to become completely carbon-neutral by 2040.

Any questions?

Perhaps you can find the answer in our commonly asked questions below. Simply click the question to see the answer.

How much CO2 can the trees absorb?


Each tree absorbs a minimum of three tonnes of CO2 during its first 20 years of growth. However, most trees will be standing longer than that and will therefore continue to assert their positive influence on the planet even longer. To ensure predictable data, however, we only include the first 20 years in our calculation method. You can read the full breakdown here.

For Better Transport

To make a real difference and accomplish our vision for 2040, we are also working hard to reduce emissions from our operations with a variety of sustainable initiatives across our fleet.

Smarter hauls

Our fleet is fitted with detachable and link chassis. This allows one truck to haul up to three containers, considerably reducing the CO2 emissions per trailer. By reloading and reusing containers whenever possible and sensible, we reduce the number of empty kilometres and the emissions caused by the machines that handle the containers in depots and terminals.

Going Green by
Going Electric

In 2023 we are introducing 10 Volvo Electric FH 4 x 2 T trucks into our fleet with plans to incorporate more and more in the coming years. Just one electric truck with a 22-ton load could reduce CO2 by 35 tons a year compared to a truck using bio 7 fossil diesel (calculated on the basis of a 50.000 km distance and EU standard electricity with an emission of 125 g CO2/km). Furthermore, we are actively establishing new partnerships with vendors regarding the installation of charging stations at different sites across our markets, and also trying to make agreements with local electricity providers on receiving a stable kWh to keep costs down.

Intermodal Efficiency

Our intermodal solution, ANCOmodal, gives you access to the best intermodal network, competitive pricing, and reliable capacity, benefitting the climate and your bottom line. ANCOmodal provides the flexibility needed to transport goods quickly while substantially reducing carbon emissions. It’s a win-win.

All Hands on Deck

In addition to the three detailed above, we are implementing many other initiatives across all Ancotrans departments. These include changing to a new Transport Management System, continuously undertaking ECO driver training programs, using LNG trucks, electric sideloaders, energy-adding axles, and smart tire pressure management systems, among others.

Planting for a
Better Future

Working for a better climate means doing everything possible to reduce our footprint. And one of the ways we are contributing to a better environment and a better future is through carbon offsetting. Our latest carbon offsetting project has led us to plant 1 hectare of trees in our Danish Anco Forest.

This project was done in collaboration with, who helped facilitate the planting and maintenance of our Danish Anco Forest. Their mission is to plant 6 million trees by 2030, and we are more than happy to help be a part of that project and help make our world more environmentally friendly.